We are proudly announcing the release of Retail store management solution tailored to Garment/Shoes stores, POS.Net. With over 10 years of experience with the Garment/Shoes industries, we developed it based on the Microsoft's latest .Net platform using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft SQL server 2005/2008 the most advanced technology available today.

Benefits of System

  • Easy operation & maintenance system
  • Operation cost, time drastic reduction
  • Reliable data Analysis for business future
  • Hand-free data transferring to every store
  • Easy understand & learn system
  • Many kinds of system-functions for cash register


Main features



  • Item master generated when placing an order.
  • Each item has  Max. 18 columns for size scale
  • Quantity categorized by In-stock, Order, Transfer in-out, Adjust(P/I) & Sales
  • Item buy, transfer, sales history
  • Price change history
  • Hand-free barcode system
  • Hand-free data transfer
  • Physical Inventory using Barcode reader


P/O, Receiving

  • Easy follow-up for all kinds of order status
  • Vendor's Pre-pack type Link
  • Partial receipt allowed as much as you want
  • Barcode auto. Generation
  • Qty post to item master upon receipt of packing slip
  • Payable invoice posting on to Account payable upon receipt vendor invoice



  • Processing as many shop as you want  on the single  screen and one process. 
  • Easy distribution process by received packing slip# or from Item master.
  • Distributed item barcode printing with transfer slip.
  • Error free qty distribution.
  • Auto item qty transfer to the shops


Price change / discount

  • Prepare price changes on single screen as many as you want.
  • Every price change history kept in the Item master.
  • 2 for 1 and discount % can apply the item master.
  • Auto price changed data transfer to the shop.


Physical Inventory

  • Target items selected by many kinds of category
  • Data gathering by manual or barcode reader
  • Easy and accurate processing for physical inventory


Third party sales

  • Wholesales function fully supported
  • Account receivable link.
  • Easy processing for many sale  items at once
  • Special Invoice issuance



  • Fully accounting system supported.
  • Function fully linked with operation.
  • Don't need to use other software for managing Accounts Payable/Receivable.
  • General Ledger.
  • Check issue.
  • Aging list/Statement.. Etc.
  • Many kinds of reports


Cash register / POS

  • Discount/Tax/Special sale
  • Membership Discount
  • Layaway/Return
  • Price check
  • Barcode find
  • 2 for 1, 3 for 1 Sale
  • Credit card process option
  • Receipt record check
  • Cash register reconciliation
  • Sales status/Report


Mailbox System

  • Communication tool for between Main office and Branch shop.
  • Reducing the communication expense.
  • All communication record kept in system.
  • All kinds of list can be attached  sent  in the system


Data transfer(Multi Shop only)

  • Totally hand free for the data transfer between Main office and Branch shops.
  • Internet line  Preferred for speed.
  • Main office can check the sales status of all shops every few hours

System Requirements for Single store



  • Windows XP or higher with 1GB or more memory
  • Monitor capable of minimum 1024 x 768
  • Broadband internet connection



  • Windows XP of higher with 512MB or more memory
  • Monitor capable of minimum 1024 x 768
  • Broadband internet connection


Compatible hardware list

Coming soon

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